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Liturgical Ministries

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What are liturgical ministries?

From the bread and wine we share, to the robes that are worn, to the torch bearers lighting the way, anything related to the service is considered liturgical.  Liturgy itself refers to any religious public service or ritual, and we come together every Sunday to reaffirm our identity and members of the church, reconnect with our mission, and commemorate Christ as he commanded us by sharing bread and wine together.

Ministry refers to our call to serve, and do the work God has given us to do, of caring for the church and each other.  A liturgical ministry is any work of service that is related to the liturgy of the church.  All are invited to answer the call and share their gifts by joining one of the ministries below.

Altar Guild

The Altar Guild is a prayerful group of parishioners whose ministry is to care for the Altar, vestments, vessels, and linens of the parish.

 Altar Guild members prepare the sanctuary for services and clean up afterwards. They supervise the decoration of the sanctuary with flowers. Members also supervise and lead the congregation in Palm Sunday celebrations, in the foot washing stations and stripping the Altar on Maundy Thursday, in greening of the church on the last Sunday of Advent, and in other liturgically vital preparations.

Contact Sr. Cheryl Fox to get involved.

Liturgy Guild

The Liturgy is the “work of the people” and has a role for anyone who desires to participate. ​

Below are some of our specific liturgical roles:

  • 8am Rite I Low Mass Reader | Usher

  • 10:30am Holy Eucharist: Rite II (Sung High Mass): Subdeacon | Crucifer | Torch Bearer | Lector & Chalice Bearer | Intercessor | Greeters/Presenters/Ushers | Thurifer (occasionally)

Contact Prior Chad to take part in this ministry.


Music Guild

Rooted in the ancient traditions of sacred music, the Music Guild at St. Augustine’s features an eclectic variety of instruments and voices to lead congregational singing during the 10:30am Sunday Eucharist and at various holidays throughout the year.

The guild also prepares music for prelude, offertory, at Communion, and postlude each week, exploring a vast repertoire of early, classical, and modern compositions.

The Music Guild also includes a Children’s Choir and an Adult Choir, each of which sings an Offertory Anthem once a month.

Contact Choirmaster Stefan Dollak for more information and to set up an audition!

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